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Por qué nace Accesshoy Live

Ante la situación sanitaria que atraviesa el mundo, entendemos que, desde nuestro lugar, nos toca obrar con responsabilidad social, sin resignar el compromiso con la difusión de eventos culturales.

Por eso, para que la cultura no se detenga y sigan circulando contenidos de calidad, nace Accesshoy Live: una nueva funcionalidad que te permite transmitir shows en vivo y en streaming, para disfrutar desde la comodidad de casa.


El acceso a la transmisión de los shows se realiza con una entrada que sirve para apoyar el trabajo de los artistas, productores y creadores culturales.


Unite a Accesshoy Live, la herramienta para ver los mejores eventos en vivo y cuidarnos entre todos. 


100% Customizable

We adapt our technology to your brand.

We respect your corporate identity even to the tiniest detail so that you can sell your tickets through your webpage, Facebook fanpage, associated channels and box offices. 

More profits

Apart from readily available funds, Acceshoy allows you to generate an extra income by means of a Service Fee that you can add to the purchase price of your tickets (between 10 and 15%). The extra income is entirely yours.

You keep your data base

You will have access to the complete database of all your customers, which contains all the information your business needs: age, gender, email address, and more. You will get to know your customers and have direct contact with them, so that they can learn firsthand about your future events.

Faster payments, credited to your account

We work with multiple payment gateways all over the world. When you create your ticket selling system, the details of your bank account are linked to your system so that after each transaction the payment is directly credited to your account. No delays and no intermediaries.

 Ciudad Cultural Konex 

"Accesshoy’s technology allowed us to start selling tickets without depending on a third party,

achieving a much more agile and personalized operation, according to our needs."

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